15 Jan 2019

K&N Cabin (AC) Filter Installed in Innova Crysta

One must be mad to buy Toyota's cabin or AC filter (as called by some) every time the vehicle goes in for its yearly service or sooner if the conditions are really dusty. It costs Rs.1500!! It is priced thrice as much as the engine's air filter! If you're thinking let us clean it out and use it then no it is not that effective, I have tried it.

Then i hear about these K&N cabin airfilters and they are washable and re-usable they last a long long time and costs only two times that of the Toyota's filter. There is another advantage also which i found while putting it in; this filter fits tighter wall to wall with much less gap than the OE filter and so it will pass less unfiltered air into the blower unit than before.

The K&N on the right might look small compared to the OE Toyota filter but it is not infact the external dimension oving to the rubber sides are slightly bigger. The filtration area is smaller but that is not an issue.


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