18 Sep 2018

Installing Cruise Control in Innova GX and VX

It is possible to install cruise control in the Innova GX and VX versions which does not come with it from the factory. It is a very very simple DIY and does not cost a bomb either. I have tested it work in my GX automatic variant and in the VX manual variant belonging to a friend. It should work in the GX manual also if it has a clutch switch from the factory, clutch switch tells the ECU when clutch is engaged and disengaged.

Since I hate typing too much these days I have made a video about how to go about the installation if you wish to.

Some pointers:

1) when removing or inserting the pins into the coupler (both the black one and the ECU connector) unlock the coupler by lifting the locks on the connector by 1 to 2mm, otherwise it will not go in and do not force it in.

2) The pins to use at the ECU side and the steering side are of two sizes with the latter being smaller, instead of trying to source the pins alone buy a ready made toyota cruise control wiring kit from ebay or aliexpress it costs as little as $10 including shipping. I did not have to buy these since I already had some leftover repair kit.

3) Insulate the wire going to the ECU or use a sleeve instead, secure the wire using ties at 20cm intervals but take into consideration the steering wheels rake and reach adjustment and give some slack to allow this movement.

4) Try to use the genuine cruise control stalk though aftermarket Toyota compatible ones are available at half the price. This is the only expensive piece of kit you need (if you go genuine) for this install.

5) Finally and as mentioned in the video there is no "Cruise On/Off" indicator on the GX console.

Once installed the cruise control works the same as expected from it if it were factory option like in the top end version. Go through the Toyota owners manual to understand the operation of the cruise control and its features and limitations.

Your right leg will now thank you for this on the highways and enjoy the better fuel economy.