10 Jul 2018

Philips LED Headlights Upgrade H11 and HB3

H11 Philips 11362XUX2

These are used in the low beam reflectors of Innova Crysta. These are not sold in India as on date. I was using locally sourced Philips H11 LED Fogs rated at 11W inside the H11 low beam reflectors, these new units replace them.

Philips rate these bulbs at 22W and a conservative 1350 lumens per bulb. I read somewhere that Philips lumens rating for LED bulbs are measured at max operating temperature. The cooling is passive with a heatsink and the driver is separate and is not inside the bub base like the Ultinon 11W series. This bulb is designed to be used in both projector and reflector headlights and is adjustable.

HB3/4 Philips 11005XUX2

These are used as high beams in the Innova Crysa reflector bowls and again not sold in India and so had to be purchased from abroad. These bulbs are clockable and optimised for installations in projector and reflector housings.

Philips rate these bulbs at 25W and the output is a stable and conservative 1760 lumens per bulb. The cooling on this one is active with a fan in its base. I installed this in the Crysta and the result is much better than expected.


The second clip was made it was drizzling and the visibility is still OK considering these are 6000K lamps. Lets see how these fare in heavy rain.