13 Mar 2018

Tip: Manual DPF Regeneration with Scangauge 2

We don't have DPF in our 2.8 GDFTV here in India as on date. But rest assured once Govt enforces Bharat Stage 6 Emission norms the DPF will make an appearance here on Crystas and Fortuners.

So this is for the time when DPFs roll out and till then excuse this post. I am posting it here anyways, when the time comes it will help you do a dealer type DPF regeneration when the dreaded light glows! Think of this as a manual DPF regen button.

Scangauge DPF Regen Custom Command

TXD: 07E02138
RXF: 032104780000
RXD: 4008
MTH: 000200010000
NAME: Give some name

When DPF becomes standard it is probably going to be the same kit which currently comes on the GDFTV sold in Euro 6 markets and that means it will have couple of additional sensors as well namely EGT & DPF. A custom Xgauge can be set up to show those values too and the command is as follows.

EGT XGauge

TXD: o7dfo178
RXF: 054106780000
RXD: 3810
MTH: 0001000affd8
NAME: Give some name

DPF XGauge

TXD: 07DF0178
RXF: 032100000000
RXD: 2010
MTH: 0001000AFFD8
NAME: Give some name

Tip: D4D Injector Rattle Fix (Pilot Quantity Learning)

This is the problem, as originally posted by comms1 on Sat, 09 Apr 2016 on www.newhilux.net forum in this thread.

"Hi Does anybody with the latest Hilux experience loud injector rattle between around 2200-2800 RPM?

I've recently bought my first Hilux (2.8 Auto - done 4000km's) and I find the injector rattle noise is really bad. Its noticable when warming up from cold and I get that, but once its running fully hot it doesnt go away. No rattle when the engine is under no stress and low rpm but when under even light accelerating throttle between around 2200-2800 rpm the rattle becomes constant, very noticable when climbing any hills when the revs increase into that RPM range.Its really bad when the engines under load towing my boat and can sound like an automatic rifle constantly firing under the bonnet.Anyhow, Toyota dealer had a look at it yesterday and told me it was perfectly normal and the engine analyser didnt pick up anything wrong.... surely this cant be normal? I've driven quite a few late model diesels over the last few years (PX Ranger, Hyundai Iload,Navara STX) and never experienced rattle like this. I can't imagine anyone driving a new Prado or Fortuner with the same 2.8 engine would tolerate this?I owned a PX Ranger before the Hilux and it would occasionally make the same rattle sound for a few seconds and only under heavy throttle when the accelarator was floored!I would appreciate your comments!"

In the replies there are several other who have posted in affirmative and some have even said it is part of the package. I didn't give it much thought when I first saw the thread since mine was running fine and I never looked into this area at all. But sometimes "it can't happen to me" good luck charm just wouldn't work. LoL!

And then the unthinkable happened I was a victim of the rattle myself one fine day, horrible rattle like an automatic rifle firing when the engine RPM is between 1500 and 2200. Sometimes closer to 2000RPM and sometimes just after 1500RPM but only within the RPM range I mentioned. If the rattle is in this band its fixable.

I took the vehicle in to toyota dealer wanting to hear their opinion on the matter and by that time I had read up about this issue on the internet and Denso papers which I happened to have with me. To make them do the Pilot Quantity Learning I told them that I have a friend working with Denso and he asked me to tell you to do "Pilot Learning". Well that partially worked because they wanted to look for any loose shields hitting some part and causing the rattle. And even check the turbo actuator motor (I know about this issue in the older KD and it sounds different) before coming to injectors. So they took in the vehicle and connected GTS and started checking for codes, there are no codes, they tell me. Yes for this issue there will not be any codes, I know that.

I waited there in the lounge waiting to hear and see (through the 16:9 glass window) the Pilot Quantity Learning procedure of engine accelerating and decelerating but instead of doing that they re-entered the compensation codes and expected the sound to go away. Afterall they know it better than the uneducated customer isn't it?

Later they come and tell me that they have recorded and sent the clip to Toyota and will wait for their input and asked me to leave the vehicle with them for 2 days. I asked for a loaner car which they were not ready to give citing reasons like since this not reported before they can't give. I reminded them about the brake issue and the number of times I had to take the vehicle in and at that time also there was no loaner car. The brake issue is infamous almost everyone who owns and drives a Crysta himself would be aware of it. Anyway at the end of the day they said no loaner car and I said I will take my car now and bring it when they get response from Toyota.

I have GTS with me but the interface I am using is not a quality one and there are some functions which does not work well with with this interface and looking up injector values is one such function. Without looking up the injector value you can't confirm whether the injector is faulty or not and this is one of the reasons why I took it in.

So the next morning (today morning) I hooked up my patchy GTS and went to do what I thought must have been done yesterday at the dealership. The process is simple but takes a long long time to complete and sometimes it fails. The procedure is to execute Pilot Quantity Learning in GTS and the user only has one thing to do and that is to operate his right foot on the throttle - revv it to 3000RPM and leave the throttle allow to settle to idle and repeat the process for around 80 to 100 times!

One of the reasons why I did not attempt this in my home is because it attracts attention from neighbours and family and it is a nuisance. But since dealer wanted toyota overlords to reply and didn't heed to my suggestion completely I had no choice but to do it at home and irritate neighbors and family.

Anway did it and the problem has been resolved comletely. What a feeling! I didn't stop there at feeling elated instead drove to the dealer and asked them to take a test drive :-)

6 Mar 2018

Dyno Day! Innova Crysta On Dynapack

214 Wheel Horse Power and 567NM?! Who would have thought that this van will become a beast?

Dynapack at ARKA Motorsports, Coimbatore.

The maps tested were stock or zero map, then medum power map stored within Unichip and high power map stored within Unichip. I will refer to the Medium Power map as Uni P1 and High power map as Uni P2. Stock will be referred to as Zero.

First run was done in Toyota's Normal mode. Lowest plot is Zero/Stock map, the one in the middle is Uni P1 and the one on the top is Uni P2. Two runs for each map was done and that is the reason for adjacent or overlapping lines.

Stock - 379NM@2515RPM and 157HP@3500RPM
Uni P2 = 559NM@2500RPM and 207HP@3514RPM.

Second run was done in Toyota's PWR mode. I skipped Uni P1 map in PWR mode since I just wanted to see the variation at the highest and lowest ends. The lowest plot is Zero map and the top one is Uni P2. Again, two runs for each map was done and that is the reason for adjacent or overlapping lines.

Stock - 380NM @2500RPM and 162HP@3470RPM
Uni P2 - 567NM@2501RPM and 214HP@3467RPM

The numbers are good but I was not looking for huge numbers but I wanted to see how the tune I developed looks like on a dyno. This graph is my base line and visual aid and will help me further finetune this and hopefully get a flatter line. The tune has a healthy 100NM gain over respective points in the stock map, which is good. In a Diesel engine a lot of action happens below 2500RPM and this graph misses out on that. As someone in our Australian Diesel group mentioned "Missing all the fun stuff below 2500"! This time the dyno was setup like that, and I am not sure why.

Toyota's PWR Mode Button
This was a good time to test the normal, eco and power mode which can be selected by buttons on the console. As suspected this button is mainly a throttle response modifier, but it does slightly increase the power and torque by a tiny margin of 5 to 6WHP and 1 to 8NM of torque.

This concludes the Unichip story!! In case you missed the story here it is Part 1 and Part 2.