25 Jul 2017

1GDFTV EGR Block Without Error Codes

Finally it's done! Complete EGR blank on the new GD engine without using any electronic modules or a remap. I think this is the first "documented" case of a no codes thrown complete EGR blank on the new 1GDFTV.

Blanking EGR is a two step process and one of them steps is an invasive process which is probably going to be irreversible depending on how you do it.

Step 1 - Throttle body plate delete
This depending on how you proceed with it, i.e., carefully and with patience, you can get the screws out without damage and slide out the plate. But me I just drilled the screws out. You can read about it in detail here - throttle plate delete.

Step 2 - Blanking the EGR
This is a relatively easy thing to do all you need is a EGR blanking plate which you need to install it at the rear end of the cast iron exhaust manifold. This prevents exhaust from getting into the EGR system. I got the EGR blanking plate made from a gasket sample on a 2mm thick stainless steel plate. There was a water cutting shop near my place and they got it done for me.

It might be possible to get away without removing the throttle plate if you drill a large enough hole on the plate, probably a 14mm hole. But I would suggest removing the plate instead of making a hole in it. Once you drill a large hole on the throttle plate it is as good as being not there.

It is important that the plate be removed (or drilled) because if you do not ECU will throw a code. When the ECU decides to let in some exhaust it will close the throttle (explained in linked post above) to generate vacuum to assist the fumes from the exhaust to be sucked in. In theory if EGR is blocked without removal of the throttle plate the manifold pressure goes when throttle is closed when ECU expects exhaust to flow in, but it does not and ECU throws a code.

Update: 28/07/17
No EGR block error codes so far. No its not always based on airflow if someone is scratching their heads.

Update: 16/02/18
Same as above. All good.