23 Jan 2019

Remap the Toyota GD!

Remap is now available for the Toyota 1GDFTV 2800CC Diesel powering the Crysta and Fortuner, People with 2400CC 2GDFTV engine need to wait a bit more!

I have used various combinations of tune up kits on my Crysta 2.8 automatic from simple rail pressure boxes to complex multichannel piggyback ECU and remaps. Those are:-

  1. Railpressure and turbo dual channel tuning box
  2. Unichip with my tune
  3. DTE injection modulation and turbo dual channel tuning box
  4. DTE box combined with a single channel rail pressure box
  5. A remap from a tuner
  6. My custom remap

Of all these setup the only ones making real power are No.2, No.6 and No.4. Not necessarily in that order but yes No.4 comes up third.  No.2 has been measured on a Dyno and the results are in the below video. No.6 will be going in on a dyno soon and similar or better results are expected. No2 is also the most expensive solution out there.

So if someone were to ask me which is the best option to make the drive a lot more interesting I would suggest No.6 followed by No.2 if he is looking for a plug and play but an expensive solution.

So what about other options?

  1. The No1 is a simple device it works, but to an extent and there is a limit in how high you can go or how to go about it because afterall it is only doing a single thing mainly.
  2. The No3 is a good box and it came with a dynochart. But like No1 it is doing a single thing mainly and that is extending injector duration. It works and works better than No1 but without the harshness associated with increasing railpressure like No1.
  3. The No4 setup is only slightly less expensive than Unichip! But gets more output from the engine than either No1, No3 or No5.
  4. The No5 in my Crysta on its own it was not much fun since I have had better in the past. Also it was not as refined as expected. But Combined with No3 it was fun, but not refined.